Aug 23, 2008

Now.. how to do it...

The new piece below, which I have titled "Past Tense, Future Imperfect" is a preliminary arrangement. I gathered the objects and the painting and laid them out in the way I wanted. I now want to construct them and apply the materials in a permanent way. This poses some interesting challenges as there are many different types of material; brick, plastics (some hard, some soft like the bag), metal (rusty, clean, and heavy), wood, paper, glass. Just about everything really.

I have researched various adhesives for the brick and wood and have settled on Liquid Nails Heavy Duty construction adhesive. To make matters more difficult, I want to adhere all this on a plywood panel backing, and be able to gesso and add color to certain "open" areas. This has led me to explore and learn about various collage and assembly art techniques. Very happy to do that and I am liking this piece more and more as it develops. I have designs (and found materials) to do a similar thing with the painting "Scott Fertilizer Plant"... first things first though.


kathyiwanowski said...

Hi David,

Really like this assemblage! I, too, have been exploring adhesives for my sculptures. Going to look into two-part epoxy putty next.


Susan said...

Hi, David:
I am really struck by the composition in this piece...and wish I could see it in person! As I am about to be experimenting more with collage, I'll be curious to hear about your experience with adhesives.