Dec 4, 2009

West End Backside Bricolage, No. 1

This painting was just selected for the "Greenville Seen" juried exhibit hosted by the Metropolitan Arts Council in Greenville, SC.
Exhibit opening on Friday, January 15th at the MAC Gallery and will be on exhibit through Feb. 26th.

I've started a new series, comprised of a panoramic view of the West End of Greenville, from Rhett St., behind Main St. and Augusta Rd. This part of town is not often seen and will likely be gone in years to come as new buildings obscure the view. This is the first of the series, designed as a triptych, with a small addition of some artifacts collected behind the buildings at the bottom of each piece similar to much of my recent work. The artifacts are from a wooden drawer and a bit of demolished brickwork with some paint fragments on it. The sky was completed all at once on all three panels. I have also completed the under painting on the other two, and have started the building detail plain air work on the second (middle) panel. I have also posted a new statement at my website DS McCurry Fine Arts Studio.

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