May 10, 2010

Back on the trail...

Now that the weather has picked up and our garden is on its way, time to venture out again and pick up the trail. I will be returning to various locations along what is known here as the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a "rail to trails" type project that has seen the conversion of an abandoned freight and passenger rail line to a pedestrian walkway and bike path. The trail passes through the once vibrant but now mostly decrepit "textile crescent" west and north of the city of Greenville, SC. I will expand on my previous efforts of combining found objects from various location with realist artwork of urban factories and artifacts in bricolage assemblage. The artwork is a point of entry and departure for inquiry into the social, historical and cultural realities of the contemporary past and of the present conditions shaping the urban cityscape. Bricks and rust, plastic, metal and glass with oil painting.

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